Add permanent value to your property with Wanaka Schist landscaping products.

Add permanent value to your home with a complete range of Schist landscaping products from gravels to large feature rocks weighing many tonnes.

drystacked schist

Dry Stacked Stone Walls

Drystacked stonewalls have been traditionally used for centuries where stone is available. The art of dry stacking stone walls is kept alive by talented stonemasons and will complement any setting from modern to rustic.

schist cams

Churching (also refered to as Soldiers or Cams)

Upright stacked stone on top of walls this was initially used to prevent stock from climbing stacked stonewalls as there was no hoof holds on the uprights.

schist gravel

Crushed Schist Gravel

Blue-grey with hints of charcoal and gold-brown and crushed into three sizes 20mm, 40mm and 65mm. Instantly create permanent groundcover which discourages weeds, can’t be moved by birds and required very little maintenance. When laid at around 50mm thick layer it is possible to cover around 6-7m2 per tonne.

retaining and steps

Retaining Wall Rock

Schist retaining walls blend seamlessly with the natural landscape while giving a permanent solid finish. We produce a variety of different sizes from man-liftable to digger placed. Cluden Quarry produces beautiful naturally flat faces which makes us a preferred supplier for many.

feature stone

Feature Rocks

A variety of sizes and shapes are available.

We supply pavers in bulk bags, each bag contained enough pavers for between 8-10m2 (depending on the style used). It is possible to purchase smaller quantities also.

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