Benefits of stone and why you should choose Wanaka Schist

Schist is Low Maintenance, Timeless & Contemporary

  • Natural and Interesting – The varied texture and patterns of schist naturally add value to your property by breaking away from man-made, mono-clad surfaces.
  • Versatile – Anything from elegant accents and focal-points to walls, paving, landscaping or entire buildings.
  • Permanent and Low Maintenance – Low whole-of-life cost compared to man-made products that might be cheaper to install, but require ongoing maintenance or renewal.
  • Instinctual – Since the dawn of mankind we have been drawn to stone, as we are to fire and water. First we lived in rock caves, then we created stacked stone shelters and over the millennia we perfected modern stone masonry techniques. Humans today are still instinctively attracted to the unique feeling of strength and solidity that stone provides.
  • Bring The Outside Inside – break up sterile internal surfaces with the natural look and feel of schist.
  • Ecologically Friendly – schist is a naturally formed building material with limited mechanical inputs, resulting in minimal carbon footprint. Massive quantities of rock are constantly forming and reforming in nature, so the quantities we use are negligible when compared to natural erosion rates.
  • Thermal Mass –Stone strategically placed inside buildings can be used as thermal mass sinks, retaining heat and slowing the rate at which the space loses heat when the sun is gone.


Some of the many reasons our clients keep coming back and why they refer their friends to Cluden Stone Quarry:

  • Unique Colours– Wanaka Schist is a unique phyllitic schist, with an amazing variation of colours that vary from weathered browns and golds through to grey-blue. We work hard to blend the different colour bands to provide an interesting range of colours in every order, however we can also produce orders in specified colours if you wish.
  • Carefully Quarried– Our Central Otago quarrying operation includes a number of permitted areas that contain millions of tonnes of rock. We carefully drill into the seams of rock and use explosives and heavy equipment to extract large blocks of schist. These are transported to our cutting area where they are selected by our skilled staff to be turned into stacking stones, paving, or other uses.
  • Great Shapes– Our specially imported Italian guillotine allows our skilled staff to accurately split blocks of Wanaka Schist into usable stacking stones. Each piece varies in size with random shaped edges and interesting textures and colours. Wanaka Schist also lends itself to making paving stones as it naturally cleaves into thin but strong, smooth layers when hand hewn.
  • Exceptional Value– We pride ourselves in ensuring each piece of Wanaka Schist is cut to the highest quality. This provides an excellent yield (metres laid per tonne) with minimal wastage and reducing freight and handling costs.
  • Responsive– We listen carefully to your brief and our whole team work to realise your chosen style. We coordinate with you and several transport companies to get your stone to you promptly and competitively priced.
  • Wide Product Range– We supply a range of products that look great on their own, or even better when they complement each other – stacking stones, paving, walls, landscaping and gravels.
  • Operating for over 30 years – Cluden Stone Quarry has been in business in since 1985 making it one of the longest established schist quarries in Central Otago. We meet all licencing, permitting, and OSH requirements.

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