NZ Stone Mason Association

Choosing the stonemason is probably the biggest decision that will determine how your stonework turns out. A good stonemason listens carefully and creates well-constructed work in the style you choose.

Currently in New Zealand stonemasons do not have to be Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP) or have any qualifications. There are many skilled stonemasons available who have years of experience but as the industry is busy there are also some who have little experience and knowledge and this often results in poor workmanship.

We have been corporate members of the New Zealand Stone Mason Association (NZSMA) since 2016. The NZSMA is dedicated to advancing the profession of stonemasonry in New Zealand through promoting best practice and sharing knowledge.

The association has a small team of volunteers working to improve training syllabus, professional standards and knowledge of the regulators to improve the overall standard of stonework through out the country.

We support the NZSMA and see it as a positive step towards ensuring all stonemasons are suitably competent to complete work and ensure all work is safe.

Talk to us today about your project and we will be happy to recommend stonemasons who are skilled and experienced.