Our Stone


Our range of colours just got better, with Poolburn Stone Quarry  we now have the most extensive colour range of schist available on the market. We have the unique phyllitic schist from Cluden Stone Quarry and the beautiful psammitic stone from Poolburn. The quarries offer the widest range of colours from weathered browns and golds to grey and grey-blue stone. 

Our products are all hand crafted and finished to ensure high quality and consistency, we offer bespoke service carefully selecting stone to suit each project ensuring a high level of quality you can trust. 



Our specially imported Italian guillotines accurately splits and cuts blocks of Wanaka Stone into usable pieces to clad your home or create features walls, fireplaces, columns, chimneys.

We supply the schist in 1 tonne bags and can supply any quantity from 1 tonne upwards. The number of metres/tonne vary for the different products but 3.5m-5m is achievable depending on the style laid and product used.

Stacking Stone

Wanaka Stone has the widest range of colours avaliable, the stone ranges from warm and earthy to shiny and metallic tones. Grey, charcoal, brown, gold and autuminal tones can be blended for each order.


We can supply guillotine cut corner-only bags where stone is cut at 90 degree angle resulting in two usable faces for jobs with a high proportion of corners such as pillars. 

Lightweight Schist Veneer

When space or weight of natural stone cannot be accommodated in a build we can supply a thin cut schist for use as a cladding. Natural stone is guillotine cut and then sliced thinly using a diamond saw. Only the guillotine cut faces are used ensuring the schist veneer matches perfectly with natural stone. Lightweight schist can be glued to a backing board similar to a tile and finished in the same style natural stone is. Finished, lightweight schist looks identical to natural stone and can be used on high walls, difficult architectural designs and in limited space areas.

Sills, capping and lintels

We select and hand trim sills, capping and lintels for each order. Each order is hand selected and occassionally cut through the guillotine. 


Hand selected naturally straight-faced stone that lends itself to drystacked walls, landscaping stone and rustic cladding options. This stone naturally tends to have more brown and gold colouring.

Cluden Mixed Stone

Cluden quarry can supply bags of stacking stone which includes a selection of corners (guillotine cut at a 90 degree angle) so it’s not necessary to order corners separately to complete most jobs.


Pavers are hand hewed from our unique phyllitic schist, this uncommonly flat schist naturally cleaves into thin but strong layers. Colour varies from weathered browns and golds through to grey-blue. Each piece varies in size with random shaped edges. They are sometimes called crazy pavers due to the puzzle like approach to laying them.

When creating formal setting the schist pavers should be laid closely and grouted into place forming a flat surface suitable for outdoor dining. With informal paving, the pavers are placed onto a compacted base course much like concrete paving, once placed sand and tile grip can be used to create a permanent finish. Garden Grade pavers used to create rustic garden paths and step stones can add a low maintenance appeal to any garden. 

We supply pavers in bulk bags, each bag contained enough pavers for between 8-10m2 (depending on the style used). It is possible to purchase smaller quantities also.

Premium Pavers

Premium grade pavers are ideal for patios, entrance paving, indoor areas and courtyards where flat and smooth stones are required. The paving is supplied in variable size pieces, but all all approximately 50mm thick making laying them with precise falls much easier. 

Garden Grade Pavers

These pavers are suitable in any garden or path as smooth flat stepping stones. They are generally less flat faced, or thinner than our premium grade paving, making them suitable for being laid onto base course rather than grouted in place. 

Large Slabs or Flag Stones

We can supply large slabs and flagstones ranging in size up to 3.0m long. These pieces are carefully split and transported for uses such as landscaping, porches, outdoor showers, and feature pieces in paving areas.


Add permanent value to your home with a complete range of Schist landscaping products from gravels to large feature rocks weighing many tonnes.

Crushed Schist Gravel

Blue-grey with hints of charcoal and gold-brown and crushed into three sizes 20mm, 40mm and 65mm. Instantly create permanent groundcover which discourages weeds, can’t be moved by birds and required very little maintenance. When laid at around 50mm thick layer it is possible to cover around 6-7m2 per tonne.

Retaining Wall Rock

Schist retaining walls blend seamlessly with the natural landscape while giving a permanent solid finish. We produce a variety of different sizes from man-liftable to digger placed. Our retaining is preferred by contractors due to the naturally flat faces which makes placing in a wall straightforward.

Feature Rocks

A variety of sizes and shapes are available.

We encourage people to visit the quarries to choose their feature rocks, however if this isn’t possible we will photograph so you can choose before transport. 

Keen to see some stone? Call or email now to arrange samples.