Schist pavers add a natural beauty to any home as pathways, patios, even inside.

Cluden pavers are hand hewed from our unique phyllitic schist, this uncommonly flat schist naturally cleaves into thin but strong layers. Colour varies from weathered browns and golds through to grey-blue. Each piece varies in size with random shaped edges. They are sometimes called crazy pavers due to the puzzle like approach to laying them.

formal schist paving

Formal paving:

When creating formal setting the schist pavers should be laid closely and grouted into place forming a flat surface suitable for outdoor dining.

informal schist paving

Informal paving:

The pavers are placed onto a compacted base course much like concrete paving, once placed sand and tile grip can be used to create a permanent finish.


Stepping stones:

Pavers can be used in any garden or path as smooth flat stepping stones.


Large Pavers or Flag Stones:

We can supply large slabs and paving ranging in size up to 1.8m long. These pieces are carefully split and transported for uses such as landscaping, porches, outdoor showers, and feature pieces in paving areas.

We supply pavers in bulk bags, each bag contained enough pavers for between 8-10m2 (depending on the style used). It is possible to purchase smaller quantities also.

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